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Experiences Bran

Life is about moments

Bran is a suitable place as well for the things you can do in the area. More that that, even the trip to here is spectacular either you come from north or from south. We should remember only Rucăr-Bran corridor.

But before that, this is what you can do here.

  • Rooms

    The experience of being so close to the castle is unique. All our rooms have view of the castle.

  • Atmosphere

    We gave all our attention to arrange this manor and we always pay attention to details.

  • The garden

    Although we are in the center of Bran, we have a large back garden and a front terrace.

  • The restaurant

    We bring a new concept of restaurant in Bran. You will be able to order traditional dishes as well as international ones.

  • We experience

    You will be able to see and experience the preparation of the dishes. Our CHEF will show you the magic of preparing tasteful dishes.

  • The bar

    When you finish visiting the tourist objectives, you come back to the lounge or garden. We considered every detail, including the special beverages list.

Top 10 destinations around Bran

For the moments when you want to elope and experience more than we can offer, we made a top 10 of the most interesting places to visit around (max. 20 kilometers) Bran. From Bran you can easily reach a number of other tourist destinations that you can explore during one day. Down below you can see this top along with our arguments for every choice.

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We love our country, we put a lot of soul in what we do and we believe that through the strategic position we have in this place of maximum tourist importance in Romania, we will be able to contribute to improving the tourist brand of Romania. We wait for you to visit us and to experience a different way of doing tourism in Romania.