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Top Hotels Awards – Boutique Guest House of the Year

Top Hotels Awards – Boutique Guest House of the Year

Top Hotels Awards – Boutique Guest House of the Year

We enjoyed the recognition from Top Hotel Awards and felt really happy as we have put a lot of soul in our story, Törzburg Mansion, receiving it as recognition as well. But beyond that, we’ve put our heart into this story with the hope that this industry may reborn, that the positive local examples, good practices now at hand for anyone, here, in Bran, or in any other place from Romania, can generate change.

The story of Törzburg Mansion begins in 20017 when we got back in Bran and started to bring to life our dream to build a different boutique hotel. We know that to rebuild is much harder than building from scratch, but we believed that we can bring back to life an old mansion in Bran. Together with Victor, the architect who accepted our challenge, we worked for almost a year to create a unique place. We put our heart in each detail to be able to create the complete experience in Bran.

Our belief is that life is about moments. This is what we are trying to do here, in Bran, through a complete experience, to give moments to each guest that crosses our threshold.

Törzburg Mansion’s story is about freedom, about the joy of living each moment and about the power to believe in a dream. We have succeeded after hard work made with love to build a different boutique hotel. By this “different” we understand a high standard accommodation experience, a restaurant where you can eat carefully prepared dishes (lots of the dishes on the menu are unique in the area) and drink awarded drinks. And there is something more! This “different” is also about people, about their desire to make impeccable things, to make a really welcoming atmosphere, to smile and be lively at 5 in the morning as well as at 12 at night, when the guests come or go. And last but not least, this place is different by concept, by the attention with which we created the interior design, the terraces, restaurant, and lounge, that we have harmonized with our belief and values.

We didn’t write all these things to brag. We want to show you that behind any well-done thing there is a tremendous effort, a long term plan, and a bald vision. There is no other way or else you won’t be able to create something that lasts.

Our many years of experience in international tourism tells us that it isn’t enough, that Romania needs more than a contest like this one, more criteria, better curators, harsher judgment. This endeavor mustn’t come to an end when the awards gala is over. It is not all about the show and lights. All this effort is about bringing to light the Romanian tourism. To do that we need a plan, cooperation and especially the individual ambition to make things not just good, but impeccable.


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