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Valea Cetății Cave, Râșnov

Valea Cetății Cave, Râșnov

Valea Cetăţii Cave


Although I have to admit that I really like to wonder on the mountains, I have managed in time to see a few gorgeous caves in our country. Most of them I saw in Apuseni where the limestone allowed the formation of some wonderful caves. I hadn’t actually heard of Valea Cetăţii Cave. I hadn’t read about it and I hadn’t had any information about it when we decided to visit it. The only reason for which we chose to visit this cave was the fact that it is located pretty close to Râşnov Fortress and Dino Park.

Almost all the caves I had seen before had a parking lot at the very entrance, so you couldn’t see too much around them. But here the things were totally different. There are two options. Either you let your car in the big parking lot at the beginning of the road that climbs towards the fortress, or at the foothills of the mountain where the cave was formed. Any option you choose you still have to walk from the main road till the entrance. 

We had no choice as on the main road was a marathon so we had to let the car in the main parking lot. All the better because we had a very enjoyable walk. Having a thick forest on both sides of the road, the silence was interrupted only by the cheerful singing of the birds and by the passing by of the competitors. Besides that it was exactly as when I went with my parents on the mountain – fresh air, silence, a real possibility to be with yourself and to put your thoughts in order.  

After about one kilometer we reached a small improvised parking lot. Here a lady was selling little jars of jam and sherbet, 100% natural, made by her own hands, from fruits gather in the chill of the morning while they are still bathed in dew. She told us that the road continues through the forest. Indeed, the access to Valea Cetăţii Cave is made through the forest, walking for about 20 minutes from the main road. For those who are not used at least with some basic sport, the trail may seem very difficult as you have to actually climb on the mountain.  For me it was heaven on earth. It remind me of the trails that I used to do as a child. Here you can hear your own breath. You are so focused not to make a wrong step, and the silence of the forest is so deep, that you can only hear yourself.  

Once we got to the entrance of Valea Cetăţii Cave, more breathless than we expected (the climb was more difficult that I thought), we were met by a pleasant coolness. It was sometimes in June and it was pretty hot outside, something like 30 degrees at noon when we got to the cave. Here other tourists were waiting for the group inside the cave to come out. The tour doesn’t last for long. Valea Cetăţii Cave is rather small. Some of those who were waiting to see the cave gave up when they realized how cold it is inside and how inadequate they are dressed. They reminded me of a funny happening from Meziad Cave when a tourist, who was really excited about the cave, gave up visiting it  after he saw that inside it was dark and the only light was provided by 5 gas lamps. But this is another beautiful story.

I found out with this occasion that Valea Cetăţii Cave is a small one, a lot smaller than those I had already seen. It is a cave that was discovered about 60 years ago. It is illuminated with LEDs that are friendly to the cave ecosystem. At least that is what the guide told us. He was a young guy ready to answer any question. Until here nothing really impressed me. But when we got to the other side of the cave things suddenly changed. The guide climbed on a stage to tell us facts about the little cave. What really draw my attention was that here are organized classical music concerts. That is indeed something I haven’t heard before. Concerts in a cave. It seems that the acoustics provided by the walls of the great hall is perfect for this kind of music. More than that, tourists can make a speleological tour of the other galleries. But for this you need an appointment as the package includes besides the guide, a medic who would monitor the tourists.    

If you ever get to Râşnov Fortress, don’t hesitate to visit Valea Cetăţii Cave as well. It is small, but the trip there is amazing. And if you have the luck to get there when there are concerts (the schedule is on the website of the cave), it is really worth to take some time and stop here. 


Article by Andreea – Pure Romania

Photos: Stoica Adrian (FOX)


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