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Brașov is that kind of city that you fell in love with at first sight. It is impossible to stop here once and then not to come back over and over again. It is like something draws you back here and invites you to discover what this wonderful city has to offer. Brașov, also named the city at the foothills of Tâmpa, has something special that catches you in its grip and makes you no longer want to leave. 

Brașov impressed me with its air of medieval fortress that still wears every day. Maybe this is the secret method by which Brașov attracts its tourists. Personally, I was instantly enchanted. Being the narrow streets paved with stone, or the enormous Black Church that watches over the city center, being the mountain protection or simply the city location, or being all these together, Brașov makes you want to wonder here for days.  

I had the chance to see Brașov in more than one aspect. I have been here in summer as well as in winter. And I can truly say that this city has a lot to offer no matter the season. The city center, Brașov Council Square, is the main touristic attraction. Here, besides the Black Church, the Town Hall building and many houses and boutiques that seem to have frozen in time you can find many terraces, nicely places in the main square, where you can get cool. And trust me when I say that in summer, even here, at the foothills of the mountain, you need to get cool. I chose as first stop the Black Church. The coolness that embraces you when you cross its threshold makes you want to stay here as long as possible. The church is large, imposing, with massive walls and a special architectural style.  If you are lucky, you can listen to a pipe organ concert. Sit on one of the benches inside and let yourself carried on the wings of music. I needed some courage to get outside because I knew a burning sun and a stifling heat waited for me there. But that happens when you don’t plan well and you get in the city around noon. In the evening the things totally change. At the shelter of coolness, people go into the square and socialize. That is when I had the chance to see the true face of Brașov. When people walk in the street. Most of them tourists, many of them foreign, they enjoy both the fresh mountain air and the beauty of the city. 

In winter things are different. The city is covered in fluffy and thick snow. The tourist number is lower, most of them choosing to go on the sky slopes near the city. I had the great chance to spend a New Year’s Eve in Brașov. I am not the kind of girl that freezes in a square for a concert, but I said why not to do this too. I don’t regret my choice, but it was damn cold. That is when I decided that it is best to visit this city either in spring or in autumn. Something like not too much, but not too less either. Being a mountain city, in Brșov is really cold in winter. I come from a small mountain town, but here everything was at a different level.  

Altogether, Braşov is an extraordinary cultural city. Dozens of concerts and events take place here every year. If you happen to be here during such an ivent, don’t miss it! And don’t miss the long walks on the narrow streets, among the old colorful houses. Here the walls and the old gates whisper pieces of history. It is enough to watch them in silence and each and every one of them will unravel their story. You don’t need a guide. In order to really discover Brașov, free your imagination and let yourself carried by the streets. The secret is that not only the beautiful buildings down town must be seen, but rather the narrow streets, houses and churches that are the wonderful city named Brașov.   

Article by: Andreea – Toud

Photos  – Pure Romania

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