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Törzburg Mansion

2 steps away from the castle

We are “2 steps away” from Bran Castle, right across the street, in the center of Bran.

The view

All the rooms have large windows with view of the castle. You will enjoy the view every moment.

The garden

It is like the ideal scenario – we are in the center of the village, but we also have an oasis of green and peace.

Design and architecture

We worked with professionals and we thought about every detail in order to offer you the complete experience in Bran.

The restaurant

It is actually la piece de resistance, but it would be better to talk about it after the first experience.

Biker friendly

We have an enclosed parking suited for you, the one who travels on a motorcycle, as well.

Top 10 experiences

in Bran area

There are a lot of things to do in Bran. We made a list with top 10 activities you can experience in the area. For that we considered a distance of less than 20 kilometers from Törzburg Mansion.

2 steps away from Bran Castle

We are really close to the castle – right across the street. This privileged location along with our obsession for impeccable services help us keep our word when we promise – the complete experience in Bran. 

The restaurant 

one of a kind in Bran

We bring in Bran a new concept of restaurant. You will be able not only to taste delicious, traditional or international dishes, but you can experience their preparation as well.   

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Törzburg Mansion, a “different” place in Bran

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Details matter

We think that the details make the difference and that they give color and life.  That is why we thought about everything in order to create a really complete experience in Bran.

Conacul Torzburg, Bran, cazare Bran, Castelul Bran, Transilvania, Bran Castle, Photo Andreea Pasca.jpg

View of the castle

It is unique to see the castle early in the morning or late at night from the room where you stay. You will understand better this idea after the first experience.

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There are a lot to see in Bran. We made a list with the most interesting locations within 20 kilometers. You can see the list in the Experiences section.


The restaurant

We want to amaze you with the Romanian and international cuisine. We have created even a “different” space where to eat. We also have a generous summer garden.

Complete experience in Bran

  • Very close to the castle – Törzburg Mansion is across the street from Bran Castle
  • The view – having large windows, all the rooms offer, without exception, a view of the castle
  • Warmth – a place full of warmth, manor furniture, big rooms, pastel colors and friendly staff offer the ideal atmosphere
  • Green yard – although we are in the center of Bran, we have a big, green inner yard, an ideal place where to take refuge
  • Good food – we offer a different culinary experience, you have to try in order to convince yourself
  • Impeccable services – we learned from professionals, our staff has more than 20 years experience in big hotels, we have an obsession for details

We love our country, we put a lot of soul in what we do and we believe that through the strategic position we have in this place of maximum tourist importance in Romania, we will be able to contribute to improving the tourist brand of the country. 

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