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Râșnov Fortress

Râșnov Fortress

Râşnov Fortress

Being a child I have wondered through almost all the mountains of this beautiful country. My family taught me what means to be in harmony with nature. Every summer we used to go camping somewhere around the country and we used to climb mountains where we discovered wonderful views. But we focused more on what nature has to offer and less on what history can teach us. That is why I have seen Râșnov Fortress for the first time last year. And it was by chance, something like “shoot a pigeon and kill a crow” situation. 

It was a beautiful summer morning when we decided to visit Râşnov Fortress. A night before I stayed with two friends in Brasov. In that city we got also by chance. But it seems that life is more beautiful when you don’t plan thoroughly every step, but let things come by themselves. 

The night before going to the fortress it heavily rained. It didn’t seem a summer shower, but rather a flood. We already started making plans for leaving home, but in the morning we had a big surprise. A playful and warm sun met us at the door. Nature was on our side. We were to find out this later as well on the walls of the fortress. 

I haven’t had much experience with castles and fortresses in our country. I had only visited Bran when in primary school. I didn’t remember well what I had seen, but I had great expectations. From Brasov to Râșnov, it is a trip of about 20 minutes by car. From the parking lot and till up to the fortress, the road is amazing. It is not a lot to walk, but the view has no match. On the right side Făgăraș Mountains rise towering like a chain of mountains that watch over the country for centuries. And because the trip was in June, on the ridges of the mountains there was still snow. We had an incredible luck and we got the first ones to the fortress. I cannot describe in words the silence that covered the fortress.  

Râşnov Fortress seems to be one of the best preserved in the country. The courtyard was also silent. The only noises were made by quiet people who opened their souvenir boutiques. At the entrance there was a machine where you put a coin and it engraves the image of the fortress. I have seen such machines in other countries, but it was for the first time I have seen one in our country. Lucky us it was summer. Back in the courtyard the flower beds were bloomed. Although Râșnov is a small fortress it was full of colorful flowers that made the place look alive. It seemed that here the time has stopped to rest and smell the flowers. If you don’t mind the few people who walk around in modern clothes, you could think that you have passed through a portal when you stepped through the main gate. The freshly painted walls, the recently mowed grass and the perfumed flowers made me believe that I went back in time.

Nothing from the inner yard or in the rooms of the fortress prepared me for maybe the most important point in Râșnov Fortress. From the walls of the fortress, from an old observation point you could see the whole Transylvania. I know I may be overreacting, but at that moment it seemed that way. At our feet lain Râșnov town, with its red-roofed houses and beyond the town was a wonder. 

I said that nature was on our side. The sky was clear, there was not one single tiny cloud and the rain from a night before cleaned the air. Nature helped us to have a breathtaking view. Mountains, green plains as far as you could see and a horizon that got lost in the fog of the distance. 

If you have the chance to get in the area I recommend you not to miss Râșnov Fortress. The best is to visit it in the morning, when the sun caresses the ridges of the mountains and the chilly air of the forest stings your nostrils. 

Article by: Andreea – Toud

Photos: Pure Romania

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