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Curmătura chalet

Curmătura chalet


Curmătura is a chalet at the foothills of Piatra Craiului Mountains. It is far away for the traveler who is not accustomed to the mountain and its paths and pretty close for those who usually go on the mountain. I say that because the trip for an initiate is about one hour and a half from the road till up the chalet.   

At Curmătura you can get only by following trails. There are more than one trail that connect the road between Râșnov and Măgura to this place. The most well-known starts from Botorog Fountain, a good place, where you will always find fresh and cold water. There are few trails that start from the road, but beyond Zărnești Precipices (another wonderful place to see) there is a forest road impracticable for cars, but more friendlier for beginner travelers.  

The main trail starts slowly through the deciduous forest and climbs steep up to meadows. The road is not easy, but it is nice. As you get to the glade you recover your energy as wonderfulness unfolds in front of you. From the meadows you can see the towering ridge of Piatra Craiului Massif. It is a show that you cannot forget for a long time. It is beautiful in summer, but you should see how beautiful it is in winter. 

The route towards Curmătura is very safe in winter as the risk of avalanche is pretty low. The route then continues through meadows for about 20 minutes. Then you get again into the forest. This time it is a deciduous forest combined with evergreen one. After another 20 minutes you reach Curmătura, a small wooden chalet situated above the evergreen forest and meadows, at the foothill of the massif. In summer here are a lot of tourists, colorful flowers at windows, big lazy dogs and the panorama of Piatra Craiului Mountains that lures you to start another trip. 

During winter you will find here nothing else but the silence and the whiteness of big snow. Curmătura Chalet is always welcoming and cozy. In the hot season, if you get here in the first part of the day, you will find cheese pie. It is amazing. You will always remember it and whenever you will go in Piatra Craiului you will go for the pie as well. Curmătura Chalet is famous for the cheese pie. In the last 4 years I have been at least once at Curmătura and every time the pie was really delicious.  

Curmătura is the ideal place for walks on the mountain; the route is not difficult, it is safe and the landscapes are wonderful. Later, after you gain some experience you should try the trails on the ridge. Piatra Craiului is a fairy tale place. From the ridge you can see Bucegi Mountains and Rucar-Bran corridor. Up there you have a feeling that you are actually close to anything. When I was a child I used to imagine the mountains that Heidi wandered on and I had the feeling that I was there with her. Although the first houses were 2 hours running away, it was like you were actually close to them, like those mountains rose from somewhere near the village center.  

The route on the ridge is very beautiful. The climb and descend are steep and in rocky areas, but it is worth the effort. 

If your roads get you towards Bran and you want a little bit more, more nature and more fresh air, go to Zărnești or to Peștera and follow the trails to Curmătura. They will enchant you.

This place is generous; it gives you from its silence and that will definitely charge your batteries. 

Article by: Alexandru – Pure Romania

Photos – Pure Romania

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