Törzburg Mansion – Team

Complete experience in Bran

No, we don’t know how the ideal job looks like, but we know how the ideal place looks like and we believe that it is Bran village. We believe that life is about moments. Our purpose is to offer here, at Törzburg Mansion, a number of moments able to build a complete experience in Bran. We know we can succeed that only with a strong team.

If the lines above make sense for you as well, if you put soul in what you do and if you are ready to get involved into this project, send us your application. Write about you, your passions, what you did up to now, about your motivation. Tell us why you.

#chef  #waiter #housemaid

The benefits will be according to our mission. We know that we can bring excellence in Bran only through a very good team, rewarded as it should.

Send your application form at: raluca.bali@torzburg.ro